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low cost lighting for any room

LED Strip DIY Project - Light above door frame


How to light your bedroom, playroom, living room with ambiental lighting

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led lights

Ideas for lighting your garden with wall fittings and solar lights


Wireless lights for trees and half-moon sensor controlled LED wall luminaires.

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military aircraft red T5 led tubes

Ledison designs another special light for the British MOD. Red-Tubes for Submarines


Ledison's Specialised LED Light Production for the British MOD

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How to Generate your own electricity with solar panels and inverter - Off Grid Set up


A quick guide and video to show our domestic customer how easy it is to be energy independent

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LED uranus light with magnetic mounting

How to install a LED Uranus Light Fitting on Metallic Workbench


An easy way to fit bright task lights on a workbench without drilling - Simply with Magnets

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150watt led bay smart light in Burbridge warehouse

Burbridge the Kitchen Manufacturer from Coventry switches to LED Lights


The smart LED Bay Light was the way to save up to 85% on electricity cost.

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Hyperion LED Light outdoor lights with photocell

Hyperion LED Street Light Installed to the Greek Sea Port of Port-Lagos


15M post street light with symmetrical beam angle

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testing solar led lights in the garden

Independent Review and Video for Ledison Solar Lights. How It Works


Battery powered, wire free, no maintenance, no bill. The best LED Solar Lights for your garden

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T45 Destroyer lit by LEDISON Globes

LED Bulbs Designed for Royal Navy Made Available to Public


Reinventing the LED lamps to reach the highest life span with 120 lumen per watt efficacy

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Motion sensor, Dimmable, Bluetooth LED panels

New Leonardo Smart Panel. Bluetooth Connectivity, Dimmable, Controlled from Mobile App


More than just an LED panel, control your lights from the phone. Higher savings with motion detector

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youtube video review led bulbs

Redefining the standards for LED bulbs


A review on edison and bayonet dimmable LED bulbs with 40,000 hour life span

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Alexa & Google controlled led bulbs

Internet Enabled Smart LED Bulbs


How Internet-Enabled Smart LED Bulbs Make Life Easier

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Adjusted beam angle LED flood light

Atheled Modern Flood Lights for Sport Applications


Tennis and Football Courts and Outdoor Activities

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energy saving A++ T8 Tubes

10 Years in service and over 1m LED T8 Tubes installed


The flagship product of Ledison reaches new record in quality and performance

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LED commercial light in garage

Home garage is illuminated by LED lights from bargain corner


A lot of quality light transformed the garage into a proper work shop.

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Home Security Lights

Enhance Home Security with LED Lights


How a smart LED bulb has proven record of preventing crime. LED Guard with presence simulator.

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Ledison LED Bulbs

Ledison LED Lamps/Highest LED Quality


Production of the LEDISON LED Bulbs

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Ledison feel good light bulbs

Feel Good LED Bulbs. Ambient, Accent, Professional Lighting


Energy Savings and Performance of LEDISON LED Lamps

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led lights that inspire you

DIY Led Strips Projects. Create your own lights


Selected lighting jobs from real customers of Ledison

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How To Make Your Nightclub Charming With The LED Lights


LED Panel and Strips underneath the Bar

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flexible profile

New Bendable Aluminium Profile for LED Strips


Flexible channels 1 meter long, be creative by designing your own lighting system.

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led g9 230V

Minimize Your Energy Bills With LED G9 Lights


A simple swap to LED bulbs helps you save up to 70% in electricity

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Why LED Flood Lights Are Best Suited For Commercial Spaces?


From 15w to 150w LED Flood Lights with IP66 Rating

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