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Commercial range of LED Lights

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LED Lamps in hotel. Bedroom LED lights

Finally a really good light !

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Solar off grid inverter energy storage

Solar Panels. Inverter. Energy Storage

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The most versatile LED Light in the world-T8 Tubes

The best selling LED Light in the world.T8 & T5 LE

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LED Lights installed on mega yacht

The journey of LED Lights

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Leonardo Intelligent LED Panel

Smart LED Panels: elegant, high-tech and efficient

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Latest Blog Entries

Alexa & Google controlled led bulbs

Internet Enabled Smart LED Bulbs


How Internet-Enabled Smart LED Bulbs Make Life Easier

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Adjusted beam angle LED flood light

Atheled Modern Flood Lights for Sport Applications


Tennis and Football Courts and Outdoor Activities

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energy saving A++ T8 Tubes

10 Years in service and over 1m LED T8 Tubes installed


The flagship product of Ledison reaches new record in quality and performance

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LED commercial light in garage

Home garage is illuminated by LED lights from bargain corner


A lot of quality light transformed the garage into a proper work shop.

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Home Security Lights

Enhance Home Security with LED Lights


How a smart LED bulb has proven record of preventing crime. LED Guard with presence simulator.

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Ledison LED Bulbs

Ledison LED Lamps/Highest LED Quality


Production of the LEDISON LED Bulbs

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led lights that inspire you

DIY Led Strips Projects. Create your own lights


Selected lighting jobs from real customers of Ledison

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Ledison feel good light bulbs

Feel Good LED Bulbs. Ambient, Accent, Professional Lighting


Energy Savings and Performance of LEDISON LED Lamps

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