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Burbridge the Kitchen Manufacturer from Coventry switches to LED Lights

Burbridge kitchen furniture Ledison Bay lights

Burbridge the kitchen manufacturer from Coventry switches to LED Lights

For over 150 years, Burbridge has been designing and manufacturing premium kitchens, so it’s fair to say the British company knows a thing or two about how to run a successful business.

Reducing operating costs without compromising on quality is always in Coventry-based Burbridge’s sights. Accordingly, the company recently launched a re-lamping process of its 400W high-pressure sodium lamps in order to tackle high energy consumption.

Enlightened neighbours

Burbridge and Ledison – Voltacon’s LED lighting division – are neighbours, making us the perfect choice as partners for the re-lamping process.

The pilot kicks off

The pilot project began in Burbridge’s warehouse where raw materials are stored. The warehouse building had thirty high bay lights permanently switched on from early morning to five in the evening.

Using our superior, ultra-efficient LED SOFOS High Bay Light – the “FOS” in “SOFOS” means “light” in Greek – Burbridge managed to reduce warehouse lighting points from 30 to 25. This decrease was made possible thanks to the wide beam angle of the LED lights and their impressive 140 lumens per watt efficacy.

The power of SOFOS

The LED SOFOS bay light is designed so that one light fitting has adjustable power settings for 100W, 120W, 150W or 200W.

By fine-tuning the power, we were able to meet the minimum light level on the ground floor with 150W and 4000K – the latter emits a natural white light colour, ideal for warehouse work.

To increase energy savings even further, smart microwave sensors were fitted onto each LED high bay light. The lights switch on automatically when they detect motion in any entrance to the warehouse building.

In addition to supplying interior industrial lights, Ledison also supplied exterior LED 150W flood lights with an IP66 rating. This external security lighting replaced 500W halogen flood lights.

A bright future

By switching to energy-efficient, cost-saving LED lighting, Burbridge is well-placed to keep up its tradition of designing and crafting kitchens of exceptional quality long into the future.


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