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Ledison LED Lamps/Highest LED Quality

Ledison LED Bulbs

Premium LED Bulbs. Feel Good Lights. Lamps Made by Ledison

Ledison launched a range of direct replacement lamps that cover the complete spectrum of CFL and incandescent. Four bulbs are 5W, 8W, 10W, 14W LED Bulb are capable to equivalents from 40Watt to 100Watt.  The light source is the latest Epistar SMD2835 chip. For the driver, we use NXP integrated circuits and electrolytic capacitor from AISHI brand, which is biggest Electrolytic capacitor manufacturer in China.  The electrolytic capacitor is 105℃ 10,000Hours with high end specifications. The power supply inside the lamp may reach temperatures up to 80℃ in the worst case case conditions,  that increases the capacitor life cycle to over 40,000 hours
In our own SMT &Driver laboratory, we design and manufacture (from PCB to finished product) our own power supplies.
Most LED bulbs in the market are now made of plastic housing, this a major reason why they are so cheap but last only 15,000 to 20,000 hours. Ledison bulbs are only a little bit more expensive (between £1-1.50 compared to plastic ones) but aluminium casing is the key element for to our success.

Thermal performance of the heating (mW/k)

The bulb is made of  1070 pure aluminum with cold forging aluminum heat sink , thermal conductivity index is 226w/m.k, so the heat dissipation will be 3-4 times better than die-casting and incomparable to plastic casing.

The importance of CRI and R9 factors.

R9 is an index that was forgoten to be mentioned in the specification sheets of most light bulbs. However it is a vital factor in high CRI lighting. The quality of light in many applications such as filming , photography, printing, video, textile and medical require a specific  amount of red colour in the mix for natural/warm white lighting.

If the R9 is not high enough, products, images or even our skin under these lights will appear as pale or even greenish in our eyes.

Ledison bulbs achieve a CRI over 85 with R9 = 90.


Explore the Edison screw base LED bulbs:

Ledison GLOBE LED Bulb - 5W, E27, A65, Warm White, 2700K, 230V

Ledison GLOBE LED Bulb - 8W, E27, A65, Warm White, 2700K, 230V

Ledison Globe LED Bulb - 14W, E27, Warm White, 2700K, 230V


Explore the bayonet (B22) range of LED bulbs

Ledison Globe LED Bulb - 8W, B22, Warm White, 2700K, Dimmable

Ledison Globe LED Bulb - 10W, B22, Warm White, 2700K, Dimmable

Ledison Globe LED Bulb - 14W, B22, Warm White, 2700K, Dimmable

Inside the bulb. 14W isolator TUV/CE certified power supply



Inside the 8W LED bulb. Isolated power supply



Manufacturing facility of LED Lights






Ceramic and Electrolytic Capacitors.









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