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Why LED Flood Lights Are Best Suited For Commercial Spaces?


Why LED Flood Lights Are Best Suited for Commercial Spaces ?

Are you looking for perfect lighting solutions for remodelling your interiors? Are you confused between the different options available out there? Well, let’s clear this cloud of confusion and get you to choose from the three basic kinds of lighting such as incandescent bulbs, fluorescent lights and LED flood lights.

Incandescent Bulbs

The incandescent lights work on one of the oldest known scientific principles to man. The tungsten wire inside the glass bulb has a very high melting point, which is why it is able to take high electrical charge and give out light and heat, without melting.  Different types of gases are also used in the glass chamber for producing different light effects. It has been observed that it usually dissipates 90% of the energy in the form of heat and the rest in the form of light, which makes it prone for getting burnt out fast, making it inefficient for parking lot lights.

Fluorescent Lights

They consist of a mix of mercury and argon vapours within a spiral-shaped tube, which is coated with a fluorescent coating from the inside. When current is passed through this, ultraviolet radiations are emitted that are converted to visible light. This medium of lighting is efficient in terms of limiting energy consumption, but for parking lot lights, it is inefficient.

LED Flood Lights

The LED lights work with the integration of diodes and semiconductors, together in one unit. The diodes direct the current in one course, while the semiconductors are responsible for the colour of light that shall appear. LED lights have an upper hand in the sense that they do not get burnt out easily, and thus showcasing its durable nature in rough conditions.

Commercial LED flood lights are though expensive to start with, but if you shall consider your long run investment, then these prove to best medium because it just requires a one-time investment and delivers optimal results for a long time.

The NAVI-Series of exterior lights has been tested by independent laboratories and received internaional certficates for safety and performance. 

The lights passed high thermal cycles from -40 degress to + 50 degrees Celsius 



15W LED Flood Light - PIR Motion Sensor


150W LED Flood Light with CITIZEN Chip (Made in Japan)


The Smallest PIR LED Flood Light with over 1700 Lumen output




LED Flood Light 55Watt. It stands all weather conditions from -40 + 50C




Testing under extreme conditions in environmental champer.






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