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Hyperion LED Street Light Installed to the Greek Sea Port of Port-Lagos

150w led street light bright and safe roads

Get Home Safely With Hyperion


Illuminate your path and light up your world using Ledison’s CREE Modular System, powered by Hyperion LEDs

Intro paragraph: Known for their longevity and durability under harsh conditions, Ledison’s lighting products are setting the standards for long-lasting industrial, commercial, and public use lights. With high-quality light output, energy efficiency, and environmental sustainability informing the design of the Hyperion CREE Modular lights, these innovative fixtures are perfect for motorways, neighbourhood footpaths, national motorways, public monuments, event spaces, commercial ports, and so much more.

Hyperion CREE LED Street Lights Shed a New, Innovative Light On An Age-Old Problem

With a slim, light, and wind-resistant profile, the Hyperion range of LED lights feature a 150-lumen light output and are approved for use where safety is a top concern, including areas like national motorways, roadways, car parks, and public spaces.


Thanks to their 60,000-hour (or 22-year) output, these modular light systems are the ideal replacement for outdated, high-pressure sodium street lamps, which corrode quickly and fail to be energy efficient when it comes to consumption.

The Hyperion range of LED street lights, on the other hand, can help you achieve a 70% improvement in energy consumption, dropping to 7.5kW during routine peak hours that usually hit up to 20kW. This, in turn, significantly drops the costs to operate SPL series of LED street lights.


Back to the Drawing Board: Reimagining Street Light Design

Street lights need to be able to withstand tough weather conditions, including fog and extreme heat. That’s why the Hyperion CREE LED modular lights come with IP67 ingress protection. There are also surge protection devices placed at the input terminals of the power supply that protect the electronic elements from lightning and high-voltage fluctuation from the public network.

The Hyperion range cools exceptionally well, thanks to its lightweight, aluminium alloy housing and integrated heatsink. The heat plate’s design features an extrusion that maximizes the cooling surface, allowing the chips to function optimally.

Furthermore, the LED chips are well-insulated and properly mounted on the heatsink while the forward voltage and current are accurately matched with the power supply. This allows the Hyperion street lights to hit peak power without overheating the chips themselves.

Finally, the optical lenses of the Hyperion street lights meet specific requirements with symmetrical and asymmetrical coverage and variable beam angle from 45 to 140 degrees, which helps to illuminate roadways without shadows in changing conditions.


Choose Hyperion For a Lighter Side of Life

Hyperion’s range of LED street lights is already lighting up the way. In summer 2021, the Greek representative, Voltacon Hellas, installed 50 Hyperion Street lights to illuminate the commercial seaport of Porto – Lagos, situated between the Aegean sea and Lake Vistonida. This innovative light solution lasts over 60,000 hours, which means you can rely on these modular lights to last you for 22 years.

Choosing Hyperion’s range of LED lights also means you never have to worry about maintaining or replacing street lights, which can be a costly and significant undertaking that calls for special lifting equipment, trained personnel, and adherence to strict safety regulations. With a return on investment guaranteed in 2.5 years, Hyperion is revolutionizing the way towns, cities, and countries are lighting their lives.


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