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Ideas for lighting your garden with wall fittings and solar lights

outdoor wall light ideas

How to use solar LED lights to illuminate trees and plants in the garden.

While we love to admire the trees under the sunlight, the natural light effect can achieved equally easily even during night. We have found a unique way to light up your trees without installing power cables and spending a fortune on expensive outdoor lights. 

Specter solar-powered lights made their market debut as wall lights. This extremely easy to install lighting solution takes only 2 minutes to mount on a wall or fence. This is the end eliminates the need of hiring an electrician for the installation and lets you enjoy the quality lighting without having to pay for the electricity.

If you prefer a wired solution, we can also highly recommend our elegant-looking Voltaled outdoor fittings, which are available in multiple choices : black or white colours, half-moon/eyelid, or full moon solution, as well as a combination of emergency and sensor options, if they are required.

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