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  • Sunny Micro Inverters 230V Grid Tied
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  • Ledison Spot GU10
LEDISON Globe LED Bulb 2



The Classical LED POLO Fitting 16W with 2D Gear Tray

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The best replacement for the 100w incandescent. LEDON 12.5W.

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A futuristic High/Low Bay LED Light. Perfect replacement for 400W metal halide lamps

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Check out our premium quality LED panels with Philips LED driver

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LED  T8 Tubes

Explore our flagship products, the range of T8 and T5 direct replacement tubes.

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LED Battens Uranus SLIM LINE

A unique eye for high quality and genuine craftsmanship revolutionised the LED lighting industry.

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LED Desk Lamp Ottlite

LED Desk Lamp with colour changing base and USB Charger

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GU10 240V Spot Light
BC Bayonet - BC B22
ES Edison Screw E27
SES Small Edison Screw E14
GU5.3 Low Voltage MR 16 (12V) Spot Light
AR111 - G53 12V 230Vac
G9 Mains Voltage (240V) Capsule
G4 12V AC 12V DC
2D Double D/2D 4pin Mains Voltage
PL G24 LED PLG24 - 2pin 4pin Mains Voltage
PL-L G211 4pin Mains Voltage
T8 LED Tube - G13 Mains Voltage
T5 LED - G5 pin Mains voltage
LED Fittings Complete Fittings Commercial and Industrial

Be Energy Independent With LED & Solar 

LED and solar technologies are revolutionising power, changing our energy consumption habits, and reducing bills all at the same time. At LED & Solar, we want our customers to be energy independent in an affordable way.  

Why choose LEDs?  

LED lights offer incredible savings that pay for themselves in twelve months. We combed the market for the best possible options. Our technology lasts for more than 50,000 hours – that's over 15 years! 

Why choose solar energy?  

Solar energy is safe, powerful, renewable, and silent. Instead of paying expensive bills to a power company, you can choose power independence. Modern solar technology runs for 25 years without any maintenance; batteries have a small footprint and can easily fit in a garage, utility room, or even a loft. You can even charge your hybrid vehicle, further reducing your reliance on external power sources.  

Why choose LED & Solar?  

Our goal as a company is to make solar and LED technology available to all consumers at a price they can afford. We focus on options that don’t sacrifice quality to get prices down, and we make sure our customers make the right choice for their lives and homes.  

Reach out to us today to learn more about your solar power and LED lighting options.  

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