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LED and Solar is pleased to provide the following warranty to each purchaser of LED lights directly from it.


LED and Solar warrants that all LED tube lights or any other LED lights supplied by it shall be free from defects for the warrant period set forth below. An LED light is deemed for the purposes of this warranty to have defects if it totally fails or if the light emissions falls to lower that 70% of the initial lumen specified.

The warranty period for each of LED and Solar’s LED lights is 5 years from the date of installation or the period until that light has had 35,000 hours of usage, whichever period ends first. (For the purpose of this warranty, unless actual hours of usage can be proved by the purchaser, the number of hours of usage shall be deemed to be the number of hours in which the premises in which the relevant tube light were installed were open for business or used for business (or intended purpose) in the period from installation until failure.)

All battery based products come with 3 years warranty, including NI-CD, NI-MH and Lithium Ion batteries.

LED and Solar shall replace any of LED and Solar’s LED lights that are found to be in breach of the above warranty during the warranty period.

This warranty covers the replacement of a LED tube light or other LED and Solar LED light but not any associated costs of installation or maintenance.

Terms and Conditions
The foregoing warranty on LED lights is given subject to the following conditions:

a) It is only given to, and enforced by, the direct purchaser for the relevant tube light from LED and Solar and cannot be assigned without the prior written consent of LED and Solar.

b) It only applies if:

  1. LED and Solar has received full payment for the relevant tube light;
  2. The claim is notified to LED and Solar, within 30 days of the defect in the relevant tube light coming to the notice of the said direct purchaser;
  3. After a claim on the warranty is made, on request of LED and Solar, the relevant light is returned to LED and Solar, unaltered, to enable it to examine the said tube lights to determine the cause of the defect and patterns of usage (and provided that LED and Solar shall also be entitled to enter the premises where the relevant tube lights were used to inspect where and how the lights were used); and
  4. The relevant tube lights are correctly wired, installed and used (including in terms of electrical values and environmental conditions, including temperature and humidity, in which they are operated and used) in accordance with the Vendor’s instructions, specifications and manuals issued from time to time;

c) It does not apply where a defect in a LED light is caused by:

  1. Act of God or accidental damage or malicious damage or any abuse, misuse, abnormal use, or use in violation of any applicable standard, code or instructions or failure to follow instructions or recommendations from LED and Solar or the manufacturer in relation to storage, installation, environment or maintenance; or
  2. The installation of the relevant LED light or the supply of electricity to it or any modifications made to it by anyone other than LED and Solar.

d) This warranty is the sole and exclusive warranty given by LED and Solar. Otherwise LED and Solar gives no warranties and makes no representations regarding the LED lights supplied by it including as to their quality or performance, except as required by relevant law. In particular without limitation no warranty or representation of, or term or condition relating to, merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose in relation to the LED tube light is made or is to be implied.

e) Provided that LED and Solar replaces a defective LED light in accordance with this warranty statement, LED and Solar shall have no further liability whatsoever for any loss, damage, cost or expense arising from such defect, except where the defect was caused by its negligence or wilful default. Moreover the foregoing does not affect LED and Solar’s Lighting liability for death or personal injury caused by its negligence, for which its liability shall be unlimited.

f) If Seller determines the Product is defective, Seller will elect, in its sole discretion, to refund you the purchase price of the Product, repair the Product or replace the Product. This limited warranty will not apply to loss or damage to the Product caused by: negligence; abuse; misuse; mishandling; improper installation, storage or maintenance; damage due to fire or acts of God; vandalism; civil disturbances; power surges; improper power supply; electrical current fluctuations; corrosive environment installations; induced vibration; harmonic oscillation or resonance associated with movement of air currents around the Product; alteration; accident; failure to follow installation, operating, maintenance or environmental instructions prescribed by Seller or applicable electrical codes; or improper service of the Product performed by someone other than Seller or its authorized service provider. This limited warranty excludes field labor and service charges related to the repair or replacement of the Product. THIS LIMITED WARRANTY IS VOID IF THE PRODUCT IS NOT USED FOR THE PURPOSE FOR WHICH IT IS DESIGNED.

Seller reserves the right to utilize new, reconditioned, refurbished, repaired or remanufactured products or parts in the warranty repair or replacement process. Such products and parts will be comparable in function and performance to an original product or part, as determined by Seller in its sole discretion, and warranted for the remainder of the original warranty period.

To make a Warrant Claim
Please retain the failed products and notify your LED and Solar sales representative by return of faulty product within thirty (30) days of becoming aware of the failure. 
For and on behalf of LED and Solar

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