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How LEDs Became The New Fluorescent Bulbs?

There is a lot more demand for LED lights than the regular fluorescent bulbs today. This is due to high efficiency and longer life expectancy of the LED lights. LED lights were used for colored lightings (being more directional) but today they are replacing household lamps and higher watt bulbs and some claim that LEDs emits more light with low watt capacity when compared to the regular ones.

Other than the efficiency and life expectancy there is much more to LED lights. There are different lighting types of LED lights based on the use like dimmer switches, LED bulbs, LED tubes, LED spot lights, Dimmer tubes each having its own purpose. Every light has a specific base that is responsible for the uniqueness of the light.  When using in a household, the most probable bulb used is white light bulb, where as colored LED lights are used for commercial purposes, this way each light differs in its making and application.


Due to its high efficiency, LED lights can emit light to a farther distance and at the same time with more brightness. Places with dark background require such high efficient lighting to have a clear view.

Even in residences, a low watt capacity LED light emits light more than the regular bulb, and it requires less electricity. This advantage makes the LED lights the first choice even at homes. When you compare, a traditional bulb costs you 5 times the money when using LED. The life span of even the most efficient fluorescent bulb is 4 years when compare to an LED light whose life span ranges from 15-20 year. 

Why our LED Lights 

1. The brightness level (luminous flux in lumens) is maintained over a period of 50,000 hours. After 6,000 hours, the brightness had decreased by as little as 0.4%, while our LED spot is even brighter than before by 0.4%. That means our products are compliant with LM80 factor. A fluorescent lamp lasts for 15000 (best case scenario), at this stage the lamp emits only 60% of the original luminosity. Using our LED your lights are brighter for longer. When our LED lights reach the end of life, they will maintain 80% of the nominal lumens.

2. The high colour rendering index in excess of 85 Ra. With 89 Ra, our LED Chips have by far the highest colour rendering index providing the most natural light. 

3. The very good energy efficiency (measured in lumens/watt) of more than 130 lm/W 

Energy Savings

In this section we have tried to cover the various issues that are raised in connection with the use of energy efficient LED lighting products, including reliability and general usefulness for practical lighting purposes.

The following table show a case study of 100 LED Tubes. The old fashion and uneconomic fluorescent tubes are replaced by 22 Watt LEDISON LED tubes. 

Examples of Efficient Light (Energy Savings with LED Tubes)


  Fluorescent Tube


Power consumption per tube

 (58W+15W ballast)


Power Consumption – 100 tubes

       7,300 Watt

      2,200 Watt

kWh consumption


       9,636kWh !!!

Spend on Lights (£) per year



Spend on Lights (€) per year



Life Span

          4 years

      15-20 years

 Your savings per year £3,351 or €4,021

* Based on 12 hours operation per day, 365 days, cost of electricity £0.15/kWh, €0.18/kWh

Advantages of LEDISON LED  Lights

  • Cost Savings 
    • Last 25 longer than incandescent and 10 times longer than fluorescent
    • The minimum life span is 50,000 hours
    • The energy savings start from 60% and up to 85% .
    • Using our microwave sensor technology measured savings reached 90%
  • Quality Light
    • Colours appear natural and vibrant under Ledison LED lights.
    • 60% of light from a Fluorescent lamps goes into roof space or onto walls!
    • The Daylight white light from LED’s can help prevent SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) 
    • In the workplace, directional light is better
    • The directional beam means light goes where you need it.
  • Technical Considerations 
    • Switch on instantly, so sensors can be fitted for even greater savings
    • LUX and relative performance increases with height, due to LED’s directional light beam consistency
    • Highly stable operating voltage from 65v to 240v AC
    • Aluminium heat-dissipating construction, for longevity of LED’s
    • CE standards, RoHS safety compliant and TUV certified.
    • High temperature soldering employed (230°C- 265°C) for guaranteed stability and longevity.
  • More reasons to use Ledison Led Lamps
    • Contains no mercury, no heavy metals, no toxin, safer to use, simpler to dispose. 
    • We offer free recycling services for used fluorescent lamps
    • Less heat generated, and no UV in the light beam,
    • Ledison lamps do not cause irritating migraine-inducing flicker of traditional energy saving bulbs and tube lights
    • The directional beam means light goes where you need it
    • Switch on instantly, so sensors can be fitted for even greater savings 
    • Pays for itself in as little as 1.5 years, from energy savings alone

CFL - The Old Energy Efficient Light Source

Much has been made in recent years about the need to use light bulbs with greater efficeincy than the standard filament light bulbs. The solution we were offered was compact flourescent lamps (CFL). These do have increased efficiency, but they suffer from some irritating problems:-

  • They take time to reach maximum output. Fine for lights you keep on for long periods at a time, but otherwise very irritating.
  • Their appearance isn't very attractive for use where the bulb is visible.
  • They contain some noxious chemicals which are dangerous if the bulbs break and also difficult to dispose of correctly.

LED - The New Energy Efficient Light Source

So 'Why LEDs?' - Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) have been around for many years, but in the past they were confined to mundane applications such as the small blinking lights that we often see on electronic equipment. Developments over the years have led to increased efficiency, increased power output and more generally acceptable light quality for general lighting purposes. This has led to a new range of LED lights for domestic and commercial use sharing the following characteristics:-

  • Choice of light - warm white, neutral white, cool white
  • High efficiency - typically 70% savings
  • Long life - up to 35 times longer than an incandescent bulb
  • Contains no lead or mercury
  • Instant startup, so no initial dimness or flicker
  • No RF interference or buzzing noise
  • Quick and easy installation

Light Output Comparison

When the only bulbs we could buy were standard incandescent bulbs, comparing them by their energy input was fine. Hence we are all know how much light to expect from a 40, 60 or 100 watt bulb. With the introduction of CFL and LED bulbs with higher efficiency and therefore much lower energy input for a given light output, a new system was introduced. It is now common to see products labelled with the amount of light that they output, given in lumens.

Unfortunately, this still leaves a problem when comparing products because some emit light in all directions and others beam light in one direction only. Hence the choice of a suitable comparison also depends on the situation the bulb is being used in. However, enough of the ifs and buts, for general purpose situations the table below shows the comparison between standard incandescent bulbs and our LED lights.

LEDISON LED Tubes - Colour Temperature

The LEDISON LED tubes can be made in three main colour temperatures. We can also meet specific colour requirements with very close tolerance (+/-100k). 

WW: Warrm White, 2700-3200K

NW: Natural White, 4000-5000k

CW: Cool White, 5500-6000k

F: Frosted fire proof lens for uniform light distribution


LEDISON LED T8 tubes sizes and equivalent replacements 

Tube T8 26mm Length  Equivalent LED Watt Ordinary Fluorescent Tube
        T8 2ft, 60cm 8W & 10W   replacement for more than 18W (+5W ballast)
        T8 3ft, 90cm 12W &14W replacement for more than 30W (+5W ballast)  
        T8 4ft, 120cm 18W , 20W & 25W  replacement for 36W & 40W &45W (+10W ballast)
        T8 5ft, 150cm 22W & 30W replacement for 56W & 60W (+10W ballast)
        T8 6ft, 180cm 26W & 32W replacement for more than 70W (+10W ballast)
        T8 8ft, 240cm 35W replacement for more than 70W (+10W ballast)


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