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eKomi rated
LED T8, 20Watt, 2100lm, rotating end caps

Ledison T8 LED Tube 120cm 20W (1214mm)

Ref: LED-T8-12020


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T8 LED tube, direct replacement for 36W fluorescent, 50.000h lifespan at 2400 lumen.

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LEDISON LED Tube T8 120CM. Ultra Bright Retrofit with 2400 Lumens

Product Description

The LEDISON LED Tube is a breakthrough in the lighting industry. We use the most renowned brands of LED chips (Everlight/CREE), with high lumens per watt and colour rendering index above 80. The internal power supply is assembled with devices of high reliability and meets all the quality, safety and electrical standards.

The anodised aluminium housing in conjunction with low resistance thermal material decreases the temperature of LEDs which guarantees long life span of the LED Tube, over 50,000 hours. LEDs are mounted on Printed Circuit Board with Thermal vias (multiple conductive holes on board) which carry away the heat from LED chips

Performing thousands of hours of stringent tests, it was measured that LEDISON Led tubes maintained 80% of the original luminosity after 50,000 hours of operation. This achievement can meet the standard of Energy Star for LED indoor lights.  

The T8 LED tube lights are direct replacements and can be installed into conventional fittings without additional wiring. 

Installation Instructions

Remove the old starter and replace it with the LED starter provided with the tube light
Install the LED tube and turn on the power. If the fluorescent fixture contains an electronic ballast, the LED tube must be connected directly to the mains voltacon. The electronic ballast should be removed or bypassed

LEDISON Led tubes are brighter that conventional fluorescent tubes, emit quality light with excellent colour rendering without flickering. 

All our LED Tubes are supplied with user's and installation instructions.  An LED starter is supplied with every LED T8 tube




Luminous flux:


Wattage (rated):

20 Watt

Color Rendering index:




Typical efficiency:


Line frequency:


Beam Angle:


Average lifetime:

50,000 hours

Net Weight per piece


Color Temperature:




Warm white:


Length pin to pin


Natural white:




Cool white:



5 years

Operating Temp:

-40 OC to 50 OC


TUV, ROHS Compliant, CE, UL

Number of LED Chips : 168 

Product Features

  • 60-70% energy saved over conventional fluorescent tube
  • Typical Brightness loss: 80% maintains after 50,000 hours
  • Quick and easy installation to minimize retrofit costs
  • Up to 50,000 hours lifetime
  • Fire proof lens and aluminium housing
  • Rotating end caps (180deg) for regulating the direction of light beam

All our tubes come with Frosted covers. Unlike Clear covers, Frosted covers disperse uniform light, making them qualitatively superior to the Clear covers. If for any reason you require Clear covers, please contact us. Subject to stock availablity.



Dimensions of T8 LED tube 120cm 20watt



Diameter (identical to fluorescent T8 tubes)


Identical dimensions with compact fluorescent T8 tubes

Tube Length        A               B                   C
max           min      max    max
60cm 589.8 594.5    596.9  604
90cm 894.6 899.3    901.7 908.8
120cm 1199.4 1204.1 1206.5 1213.6
150cm 1500 1504.7 1507.1 1514.2
180cm 1764 1768.7 1771.1 1778.2
240cm 2388 2392.7 2395.1 2402.2

Technical Manual

T8 LED tube Instructions Manual

T8 LED tube Instructions Manual

T8 LED Tube Single-End: Instructions Manual


T8/T5 Emergency Conversion Pack

T8/T5 Emergency Conversion Pack

T8/T5 Emergency Pack Wiring Diagram



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