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eKomi rated

Emergency Pack for LED tubes with battery

Ref: NLP/1/80


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Emergency Battery Pack Li-Ion compatible with all T8 / T5 LED tubes

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The NLP range, is a high quality 3 hour switchable emergency lighting module designed to suit a wide range of LED types, circuits, and applications. 

Liteplan tested and verify full compatibility with Ledison T8, T5 tube lights, GU10 spots and GLS LED bulbs. 


Key Electrical Characteristics

  • Module, Single Cell Battery and Charge LED Indicator for 6-55 Volt LED Loads
  • Suitable for Mounting Inside the Luminaire
  • Slim Module Suitable for Linear Applications
  • Long Life LiFePO4 Batteries
  • Strain Relief Module with Fitted Cables
  • Suitable for a Wide Range of LED Loads

The following major product categories are approved emergency lights. They work as normal lights with on/off switch and as an emergency with unswitched power supply if the NLP pack is installed (refer to the wiring diagram in the download sections

Products convertible to emergency lighting


Technical Specifications

A 3 hour emergency lighting conversion kit which operates with Long Life LiFePO4 batteries. The unit is designed to suit an extremely wide range of LED types and circuits. The NLP/1 automatically adjusts the output LED current to provide the best match between the battery and the load, providing maximum illumination whilst ensuring full battery duration. The batteries used with this unit not only provide double the life of traditional emergency lighting batteries, but consume far less power during their operational life.


Mains Supply Voltage

230-240V AC 50/60Hz

Emergency Duration

3 Hours

Recharge Period

24 Hours

LED Current Limit


Battery Current Limit


Cut off Voltage



Technical Manual

LED emergency conversion pack with NI-CD battery

Emergency Conversion Pack VOL/3/80-Data Sheet

Emergency Conversion Pack VOL/3/80-Data Sheet


T8/T5 Emergency Conversion Pack

T8/T5 Emergency Conversion Pack

T8/T5 Emergency Pack Wiring Diagram


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SES Small Edison Screw E14
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