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Ledison Dimmable LED T8 TubesLedison Dimmable LED T8 Tubes

Ledison T8 LED Dimmable Tube 120cm 20W

Ref: T812020D-SE110


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T8 LED 120cm Tube Dimmable -(Trailing/LED Dimming)

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Dimming options - T8 120cm 20W LED Tube 

NOTICE: This is a bundle sell that includes a Dimmable tube + LED driver. If you are not sure which dimming method to use, please contact us technical support +442477675575

The T5 and T8 tubes can be controlled smoothly without flickering from 0% to 100%. The following widely used dimming methods are offered by Voltacon:

- AC Triac Dimming (Mains Dimming with Trailing Edge dimmer switches)

This is the simplest and the most common method, it requires an external driver and no extra wiring. The mains dimmer (live and neutral wires) switch controls the input voltage to the LED driver

Compatible Dimmer switches: Varilight, Lutron, Osram.

- Meanwell & GLACIAL 3 in 1 dimming: 1-10V, Resistive potentimeter

External dimming signal is required with 1x pair of cables. The dimmable driver will power up and control 1 or 2 tubes according to the power rating. The control signal (1-10V) is a pair of cables with positive (blue) and negative (white) polarity.

Compatible Dimmer switches: Varilight, Lutron, Osram, other 1-10V dimmer switches or resistive potentiometers

- DALI Control (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface)

An external LED driver with multi stage constant current output is required. The output current level can be adjusted by controlling the DIP switches. The MEANWELL range of DALI drivers are available in 25w 40w and 60w. These are digital controlled models with DALI interface and push dimming function. DALI technology offers high precision dimming and diagnosis of the state of the LED lamps.

T8 LED tubes dimmable with Standard Mains Dimmers - 120CM 20Watt

Our dimmable tubes are very easy to use and come wiith an external dimmable driver which is quite small and compact only 85 x 54 x 32.5mm.

The VOLTACON LED tubes are dimmed very smoothly from 10% up to 100% without any flicker.  The brightness can be adjusted with standard dimmer switches such as the well know VARILIGHT. The T8 and T5 LED VOLTACON LED tubes are compatible with all three of the main LED dimmer series: 

V-Pro (LED Dimmer up to 100W or 10 lamps)

V-Com (LED Dimmer for larger loads)

Eclique2 (Remote Control Dimmer)

All the dimmer switches are available from our online website.  The VOLTACON led tubes are compatible with a wide range of LED dimmers in the market but we listed only one reputable maker of dimmers in our website.
You can contact our technical support for further information. 

All our tubes come with Frosted covers. Unlike Clear covers, Frosted covers disperse uniform light, making them qualitatively superior to the Clear covers. If for any reason you require Clear covers, please contact us

Product Description

  • Dimming control continuously from 100% to 10% lighting level
  • Built-in 3 in 1 dimming function (1-10Vdc or PWM Signal or resistance)
  • Built-in active power factor correction (PFC)
  • Supports a wide range of current and voltage levels (up to 48 Watts) 
  • Integrated functionality enables dimming/switching via standard switches
  • Reversible protection mechanisms for short-circuits/over temperature/over voltage
  • Form factor to fit any LED tube fixture/batten
  • Compliance to worldwide safety regulations for lighting.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: When you buy a dimmable T8 or T5 led tube, you have to notify us by email the type of dimmer you are planning to use such as AC Triac (leading /trailing edge) or 1-10V dimming signal.

AC triac dimmable tubes (leading or trailing edge) work with the switches from Varilight V-Pro. 

Product Features

  • LED Tubes with dimming function can save up 90% over the non dimmable tubes
  • Lumen maintenance factor LM80 ,80%  lumen maintained after 50,000 hours
  • Quick and easy installation to minimize retrofit costs
  • No RF interference, no buzzing noise, no flickering
  • Up to 50,000 hours lifetime

All our tubes come with Frosted covers. Unlike Clear covers, Frosted covers disperse uniform light, making them qualitatively superior to the Clear covers. If for any reason you require Clear covers, please contact us. Subject to stock availablity.


Specifications T8 LED Dimmable Tube - 20watt



Luminous flux:


Wattage (rated):

20 Watt

Color Rendering index:




Typical efficiency:


Line frequency:


Beam Angle:


Average lifetime:

50,000 hours

Net Weight per piece


Color Temperature: 




Warm white:


Length pin to pin 


Natural white:




Cool white:



5 years

Operating Temp:

-40 OC to 50 OC



Number of LED Chips : 324

Dimmable kit includes: T8 LED tube, dimmable driver and wiring instructions. 
Dimmer switches from Varilight and Osram are available on our web page 

/live/pages/1-10vdc dimmer switch.jpg


Technical Manual

1-10V Dimmable LED Tubes

1-10V Dimmable LED Tubes

1-10V Dimmable LED Tubes - Instructions


Trailing Edge T8/T5 Dimmable Tubes

Trailing Edge T8/T5 Dimmable Tubes

AC Triac Trailing Edge Dimmable T8 Tubes



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