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Portable Energy Storage 3kW Inverter With Built In Lithium Battery 2.5kWh - Expandable

Ref: 96-324484-00G


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Portable lithium ion battery and 230V inverter, take your power stations anywhere. Easy to move with wheels. Plug n Play , with 4 mains sockets built in.

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Mobile power station for camping, outdoor activities, mobile homes, or to supply your house when there is a power-cut. Expandable solution, with dual charging source (mains, PV). Suitable for reducing your energy consumption at night, charge off-peak at night with low-cost electricity.

This mobile power station is an indispensable companion for your outdoor adventures, camping trips, or as a backup power source for your home during power cuts. With its expandable design and dual charging capabilities from the mains or solar panels, you can ensure a reliable and sustainable energy supply.

Reduce your energy consumption at night by charging the unit during off-peak hours, taking advantage of lower electricity rates. Compact and portable, this power station is perfect for powering your essential devices, lighting, and appliances while on the go or in emergencies.

Its robust construction and user-friendly interface make it a versatile and convenient solution for your energy needs, whether you're exploring the great outdoors or preparing for unexpected power outages. Embrace the freedom and peace of mind that comes with having a reliable mobile power source at your fingertips.

  • Standard version - 3kW Inverter and Battery 2.5kWh included
  • Drop down menu: Add 2.5kWh battery bank extra (total 5kWh)
  • Drop down menu: Add 5kWh battery bank extra (total 7.5kWh)


You will never remain without power, even when there is a long electricity outage in your area. Our VoltaBank will store from 2.5kwh to 7.5kWh in lithium-ion batteries, and the energy can be supplied to your home appliances via a 13A socket. 

The entry model is delivered with a built-in lithium battery of 2.5kWh, additional batteries can be added from the drop-down menu (up to 2 extra 2.5kWheach)

All the critical equipment in the house (fridges, TV, radiators, LED lights , Wi-Fi connection) for 1 hour or more but if needed to maintain the most essential appliances such as lights and freezers there is enough power for over 24 hours.

The VoltaBank will recharge from solar panels or the mains power supply.

Portable Power Unit for :

  • The media and film industry

  • Mobile catering

  • Construction industry

  • Emergency power for home and office

  • Campervans, motorhomes and holidaymakers.



  • Plug & Use, power 99% of home appliances
  • Scalable output power 3kw to 6kw
  • Expandable battery capacity 2.5kwh to 7.5kwh
  • Super 1000w to 2500w fast charger, 0-90% charged in 1 hour
  • Dual input power sources, grid and solar power, recharged by renewable energy
  • Peak cut, scheduled charging, charged by grid at off-peak hours, ECO-friendly
  • Charging source priority setting: solar or grid
  • Output power priority setting: solar, battery or grid
  • Built-in battery management system (BMS)
  • Wifi + APP, remote control & monitor daily power consumption

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