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eKomi rated

LED Strip Light - 5 in 1, RGB, 5 Meters

Ref: 601024


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Multi-Colour LED Strip with remote control and Wi-Fi connectivity. High Power SMD5050, Dimmable.

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LED Strip RGB, Warm and Cool White. All in One. With Remote Control

Looking for a highly advanced LED strip light that is customisable to your home?

This 5 in 1 system adapts to your needs and offers plenty of options. The strip itself is 5m long. It can be trimmed between any six-light grouping, or multiple light strips can be connected through multiple power strips. Light colour options go beyond cool and warm white and into the full RBG spectrum.

Easily controlled through remote control, you have the option to change the ambience of your home at the touch of a button, and at a much smaller price than setting up a household of smart bulbs. These reliable lights will keep 80% of their illumination after 50,000 hours.

Using one remote control, 4 zones of LED strips are controlled independently

Content of the Kit

  • 5 Meter LED Strip
  • Mains Power Supply 120W
  • 4 Zone Controller
  • Remote Control
  • L Shape Connector (3x) Cable Connectors (x3)
  • Wiring Instructions

LEDucation. Things You Need To Know

  • The strip is cuttable, just measure 6 LEDs and then use a pair of scissors
  • A single run of 10 meters is powered from a single controller and power supply
  • More LED strips can be connected in series by deploying more power supplies.
  • It is very important to have a clean, smooth surface for the adhesive bonding to work

Cable and strip-connectors are supplied for solderless connection. The main use is to link multiple led strips together

Ultra Efficient and Bright

  • Resistant to any bending radius
  • Bright LEDs with pure gold wire (99.99%)
  • Pure copper double layer with white paint finish. 
  • 5 Year warranty offered as standard

The benefits of 24V System

The higher the DC voltage the lower the current (amps) that entails less power losses and a more efficient system. The 12V LED tapes to require a double amount of amperage, the voltage drop influences the performance of the lighting system. 

Accurate Rendering 

A quality light source should accurately render all the frequencies of the colour spectrum when it is compared to the perfect light of the same colour temperature. The picture below is self-explanatory. Our lights show realistically and naturally object colours.


Electrical Specification


LED Strip

Luminous flux:



24 Watt

Color Rendering index:



24 Volts DC

Typical efficiency:



5 Meters

Beam Angle:


Lasts up to 

50,000 hours







Warm White:


SMD pcs/m


Cool White





1500 2000Mcd


5 years

Operating Temp:

-25°C to 45°C


TUV, ROHS Compliant, CE, UL



Technical Manual

LED Strip Controller - 5 Channel

5 Channel V5 Controller RGB + CCT LED Strip Lights


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