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eKomi rated

Hytronik HC005S Super-compact Sensor

Ref: LDN-HC005S


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220-240v output signal, on/off function.. Detection Range 12m x 6m

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Hytronik HC005S. Accurate Movement Detection With Microwave Sensor

Product Description

On-Off Function 

This sensor is a motion switch, turn on the light on detection of people movement, and turn off after a pre-selected hold time when there is no people around. A daylight sensor is also built-in to switch off the light when there is sufficient natural light.


The HC005S is the advanced series of microwave movement sensors with adjustable settings. To achieve the correct detection range and hold-on time the following parameters can be adjusted.

  • Hold-on time from 5seconds to 30 minutes
  • Integrated photocell, its function can be enable or disable
  • Detection range 12x6meters
  • Mounting Height 6 meters


Operating Volts                           


Switched Power

 Max. 400W (capacitive) Max.800W(resistive)

Standby Power


Operation Power


Detection area

     10/30/50/75/100%, can be customized

Hold Time


Sensor Principle

               Microwave motion detector

Daylight threshold

         2-30lux daylight/twilight/darkness

Microwave Frequency

                     5.8GHz +/- 75MHz

Microwave Power


Detection Range

                  Max. (ØxH): 12m x 6m

Detection Angle

                          30-150 deg

Mounting Height

                            Max 6m

Operating    Temperature

                     -10deg t0 +60 deg

IP Rating 

                               IP20 & IP65


Technical Manual

User manual for installation HC005S

User manual for installation HC005S


Product Brochures

Product introduction HC005S

Product introduction HC005S


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