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Emergency driver and battery for T5 LED Tubes
Emergency driver and battery for T5 LED TubesEmergency driver and battery for T5 LED Tubes

Emergency Pack for LED T5 tubes

Ref: EM2212/T5


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Universal Emergency Battery Pack (Ni-MH) compatible with all T5 LED tubes

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Emergency Conversion Pack for LED T5 tubes 

It can be installed in almost every luminaire , T5 holder, batten and non corrosive fitting.
The new emergency kit is designed for emergency backup power to T5  LED tubes with built in driver. 
It powers standard T5 LED tubes from 6w and up to 35w.

 The VOL/3/is a 3 hour emergency lighting remote conversion pack fitted with a battery pack, a 4 way fused terminal block for mains input connection and cables for connecting to LED T5 output. The pack is designed to suit a very wide range of LED T5 types and circuits by automatically adjusting the output LED current to provide the best match between the battery and the load, providing maximum illumination whilst ensuring battery duration.

Features of the battery pack -Cylindrical Nickel Cadmium (NiCd or NiMh)

  • Emergency lighting stick Yuasa battery pack with 3 3.6v 4000mA NiCd NiMh
  • High Temperature D Cells Pack (leads 3DH4-0L4)
  • Yuasa NiCd product has some of the highest capacities 
  • Up to 1000 charge / discharge cycles can be expected.
  • High Temperature Options


  • 2-pole changeover relay
  • Additional 3rd pole relay
  • Deep discharge protection
  • Compact (HRN) enclosure
  • Constant current charger
  • Input Voltage (Dual)    AC 220-240V 60Hz
  • Normal function Indicator LED Equipped
  • Emergency Function Testing Device Equipped (testing switch)
  • Emergency Time 3.0 hours
  • Battery Protection Device Equipped
  • Operating Temp 0 ~ 80C
  • Battery High Temp Battery Pack
  • 4.8V 4.0Ah NI-CD Battery Pack
  • Start-up Charging Time 24 hours
  • Lumen factor 30%
  • Compatibility with LED T5 tubes from 6W to 32W


Compatible with all T5 LED tubes with built in LED driver.


Emergency Driver: 165mm x 45mm x 29mm FC=155mm
Battery cell: 220mm x 37mm x 37mm FC=205mm


Technical Manual

LED emergency conversion pack with NI-CD battery

Emergency Conversion Pack VOL/3/80-Data Sheet

Emergency Conversion Pack VOL/3/80-Data Sheet


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