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eKomi rated

Emergency Exit Sign 3.5Watt

Ref: CLD-30


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Emergency Exit Sign 3.5Watt


When the power goes out, it’s crucial that a space is not left in the dark – especially if it’s a space that may be occupied by a large group of people. This emergency exit sign is a perfect solution when you need to illuminate the way out of a room or building.

Each light is permanently connected to the main power supply; during regular usage, the light is charging. When the power goes out, it switches on, illuminating the way to safety. Lights are available with left, right, and down arrows.

An exit sign can be mounted on a ceiling, on a flagpole, left hanging, or surface mounted on a wall. When the power goes out, you can rely on this LED exit sign to keep people safe as they exit the building.


Mounting Methods for CLD-30




MAINS VOLTAGE                    220-240V AC/50-60Hz
MAXIMUM POWER CONSUMPTION                           2.7W / 3VA
BATTERY (Ni-MH)                           3.6V/1.5Ah
BATTERY PROTECTION Overcharging and deep discharging protection
INDICATIONS Charge LED, Lamp Fault LED, Battery Fault LED
RECHARGING TIME                                 24h
MINIMUM EMERGENCY DURATION                                  3h
LIGHT SOURCE INTENSITY (230V) / (emerg.)                          63lm / 125lm
VIEWING DISTANCE                                30m
DEGREES OF COVER PROTECTION                                IP20
OPERATION TEMPERATURE RANGE                            5 to 40 oC
RELATIVE HUMIDITY                            Up to 95%
CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS                       Aluminum, plexiglas
EXTERNAL DIMENSIONS (LxWxH)                         310x240x51mm
TYPICAL WEIGHT                              1090gr.
WARRANTY                3 years (1 year for the battery)

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