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eKomi rated

Elite 430Watt Solar Panel Bifacial Half-cut 23% Efficiency Full Black

Ref: RS41-425NXG-E3


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Top Con Cells produce more power from the same panel size. 430W Front + 90W Rear

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More power from 108cell frame, N-Type, 10-30% additional power generation, 30 years life span, from Tier-1 Supplier ET-Solar

Part Number: ET-N754TBH430GB

N Type half cut technology is the most efficient solar panel for the year 2024, which means we can get more energy from a standard 108-cell panel, in this case, we reached a peak power of 430 watts. If the back side is used, this panel will generate an extra 90 watts from reflected light, bringing the total energy to 520 watts from a 1722x1134mm frame. The bifacial factor is %85 

Voltacon is the exclusive partner of ET-Solar in the UK, we co-developed large-scale solar plants around the world. 

We measured that bifacial panels generate more electricity when we use the "albedo" equation.  This is a factor that tells us how much light reflects on the surface. 

  • On cement, the extra energy is +13%
  • On grass +10%
  • On land/soil +12%
  • White paint +32%

Your solar investment is meant to last

  • 12-year warranty on product material and workmanship
  • 30-year linear output power

Let's see how we protect the energy yield of your solar panel over the year. This is an important graph that shows the performance of solar panels after 30 years. It is impressive to know that your solar installation will still produce 89% of the nominal power after 25 years.


  • Bifacial technology enables additional energy production from the rear side of the panel by up to 30% 
  • Glass-to-glass lamination extends the product life to 30 years with annual power degradation of less than 0.4% 
  • The hot spot risk is reduced which is the main cause for early failures.
  • The power and heat are evenly distributed on both sides of the panel.
  • Half-cut solar panels have 50% shorter internal wiring, hence 50% lower resistance losses. 
  • Thinner inter-cell busbars mean more sunlight can be absorbed.
  • Can be installed at different angles even 90 degrees vertically, but it must always face the equator.

EAN Code: 0604947940131

Where can you install bifacial solar panels?

  • Rooftops with triangle mounting structure and angles from 20-35 degrees
  • Vertical installations on walls 
  • On the ground
  • On solar tracker systems




Maximum power Pmax 430Watt
Power Tolerance  0- + 5Watt
Module Efficiency 21.76%
Maximum Power Current  13.30A
Maximum Power Voltage 32.33V
Short Circuit Current Isc 14.25A
Open Circuit Current Voc 38.72V


Maximum Power  525Watt
Maximum Power Current Imp 16.43A
Maximum Power Voltacon Vmp 31.96V
Short Circuit Current Isc 17.42A
Open Circuit Voltacon Voc 38.46V


Cell Type Mono N-Type, 182x91mm, 108 (6x18) Half Cut Cells
Glass 2mm+2mm, High Transmission , Low Iron, Tempered Glass
Frame Anodized aluminium alloy
Junction box IP68 Rated, with Bypass diodes
Dimensions 1772 x 1134 x 30mm
Output cable 4mm2
Weight 24kg
Installation Hole Location See drawing in downloads

Temperature Coefficient of Voc: -0.25%/C
Temperature Coefficient of Isc: +0.046%/C
Temperature Coefficient of Pmax: -0.30%C
Nominal Operating Cell Temperature: 45 deg C 

Maximum Series Fuse Rating : 30A

Maximum System Voltage : 1500VDC

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