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eKomi rated

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger 7kW Single Phase Type 2. Sparky Wall Box

Ref: HM10132


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The wall box style, EV charger that talks to your vehicle, efficient charging at 7kW from a 32A single phase. PEN protection UK Standards.

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Meet Sparky, the new EV Charger that sparks a conversation with your car. Made by Voltacon — the brand revolutionizing independent power generation — Sparky is a safer, smarter and more sustainable EV charger. This quality EV charger has full certification in the UK and Europe.

Our charger has an IP65 patented design case for outdoor and indoor use.Monitors the electrical system and in the event of a fault automatically disconnects all poles including the earth conductor.

There is a 5-meter ac cable double insulated which is also rated for outdoor use.

Customizing all types of charging connectors makes it highly flexible and compatible with all-electric vehicles.


Key Features

  • Complete unit
  • Online monitoring
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • LCD screen with real-time information about the state of the charge
  • Historic energy data is accessible from a mobile app or directly from the wallbox display
  • Complies with the latest BSI and 18th Edition IET wiring regulations
  • Made for direct outdoor installation with IP65 housing and toughened plastic casing
  • Compatible with all Type 2 vehicles
  • Fitted with 5-meter cable
  • Type A 30mA+6mA DC leakage protection
  • 5-year warranty
Phase Number 1-phase
Model HM10132
AC Power Input Rating 230VAC, 50/60Hz
Power Wiring 3 Wire - L1, N plus PE
AC Output Rating Power 7kW
AC Output Rating Current 32A
Connector Type IEC 62196-2, Type 2 plug + 5m charging cable
Connector Mechanical Operating Life >= 10000 times (Plug in & pull out with no load)
Charging Control APP-controlled, Butto-controlled, Card-controlled
Display screen 3.5-inch LCD screen (Optional)
Indicators 1 LED Indicator with multiple colors ~Power/Charging/Fault/Network
Communication interface (Optional) Wifi (2.4/5GHz) or Bluetooth
Storage Temperature -40 to 75ºC ambient
Operating Temperature -30 to 55ºC ambient
Operating Humidity Up to 95% non-condensing
Altitude <= 2000m
IP Code IP65
Short Circuit Protection Yes
Over Load Protection Yes
Over Voltage Protection Yes
Under Voltage Protection Yes
Over-temp Protection Yes
Leakage Protection Yes, Type B Residual Current Monitoring Unit built-in
Ground Protection Yes, designed for TN-C-S power supply system
No earth electrodes Protection Optional, designed for the UK and other regions using TN-C power supply system
Load balance via RS-485 Work with RS-485 version M3 Charge-Mate (require additional purchase)
Dimension (HxWxD, mm) 400x210x145
Weight < 9Kg
Charging Cable Length (total) 5m or customize length (<= 7.5m)
An external Case B charging socket without charging cable is optional
Enclosure Material  PC
Dimension (HxWxD, mm) 1117x240x112
Weight < 5Kg
Enclosure Material Stainless steel
Logo on Front panel Yes
Nameplace Yes
User manual Yes
Length of charging cable Yes

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