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Xylem Dewatering Pumps switches to LED Lights

Xylem Water Pump Factory installs over 4km of LED Tube Lights

This is an impressive number, if we would have install all the lights of this project, in series in a long aisle, the total the lighting system will exceed 4000 meters. 

Xylem Dewatering Solutions Ltd, the Gloucestershire branch, appointed Voltacon UK Ltd to change all the fluorescent lights into LED. The investment valued approx. £50K and the return of it will reach 12 months. The installation cost was approx. £17K, including labour, and equipment which was used due to a warehouse with high ceiling, but with normal size offices. The total saving from this change is 60%. Basically, the whole investment is paying itself from this huge saving.

The new LED lights are ranging from 8ft led tube 35W (replacing its equivalent of 100W) to led panels sizing 60x60cm with 40W and 120x60cm with 60W (replacing its equivalent of 160W, respectively of 260W). Other types: led bay light 100W (replacing its equivalent of 400W) and led non corrosive fitting 60W.

This transition in lighting a warehouse and its offices does not mean that a drop in the wattage is a drop of quality of lighting. On a contrary, the lux and lumens level achieved is the right one, scientifically regulated, and healthily both human and financial. Another aspect of this change is the fact that Voltacon is guarantying 5 years of free maintenance for running this leds and after this cycle, these products will still emit 80% of the light after being in use for 8 hours per day, Monday till Friday. We have statements from workers confirming the noticeable change in brightness and a general feel of quality of the lights, being free of flickering and free of buzzing. LEDs are the most efficient type of bulb, have great claimed longevity, give instant light, and work in low temperatures, so that is why is an obvious choice and, actually, the only choice.

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Energy saving led lights for industries
100W LED Bay Light - High Low Bay
T8 6ft 35watt ultra bright 4500lumens

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