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RWG Repairs and Overhaul

RWG Gas turbine Repair and overhaul specialists.

LED light fittings in explosion proof setting.

RWG gas turbine repair and overhaul specialists were in need of the best possible lighting system for their five test cells in Coventry.  RWG repairs, overhauls and tests diesel and gas-fire engines.   Protecting their state of the art equipment was a top priority.  Their dangerous work conditions have very strict safety standards to adhere to and finding the right solution to the company’s lighting needs was a serious task.

Repairing, overhauling and maintaining complex machines using oil and gas puts extra pressure on the need for explosion proof lights.  The conditions are harsh and dangerous.  Installing safe LED lighting allows the facility to be bright and creates a safer environment. These hazardous conditions present challenges for the workers and the businesses that must provide the best possible working conditions.  The cost of re-lamping the area could prove to be costly.  There were specifications to be met, safety factors to take into account and a need to provide the best possible work environment.

Voltacon took on the challenge as an opportunity to share their engineering skills and top quality LED products. They meticulously rewired 5 feet (150 metres)   of explosive proof fittings (Zone 21/22 certified) to LED. Standard fittings cost 250GBP and the new LED version cost 400GBP.  Voltacon’s electricians modified each fitting, without invalidating the certificate of safety, to offer the equipment at a fraction of the cost. 

The total cost for a pair of tubes was £19 and £15 for labour.  This resulted in a happy customer who could keep the same fitting with no extra costs.  An ultra bright version of the 150 lumen/watt lit the test cells and over 500lux was used on the ground level.  The costs of re-lamping with explosion proof fittings are high but Voltacon kept their costs down.  They used LED T8 tubes to keep maintenance costs to a minimum.

The presence of volatile materials presents serious danger of fires and explosions.  This is the reason for strict safety precautions and the need to find a lighting company that can fulfil all the necessary requirements and at the same time offer a cost effective solution.  Voltacon rose to the challenge and together with the best electrical expertise was able to come up with the perfect solution for explosive proof lighting.  The best lighting system provided by Voltacon, ensured RWG has a brighter and safer work environment in the Gas turbine repair and overhaul business. 

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T8 LED Tubes in explosion proof fitting
Zone 21/22 Certified LED Fittings
LED Lights in non corrosive fittings
Gas and Diesel Engine Test Cell

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