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Prime Chartered Accountants in Coventry Know How to Save Energy

Prime Accountants Save 60% from Energy Bill

Another important project we were involved in was the Prime Accountants Coventry branch, an independent firm, who contacted Voltacon UK Ltd for replacement of the old recessed ceiling lights.

The company was interested in a lighting system that can offer better quality and a calm and warm working environment. They were also concerned about the electricity expenses. Migrating from CFL to LEDs was an easy and quick way to achieve serious savings.

With the new technology that Ledison can offer, we have decided to replace the old lights with the new 600x600 LED Panel Light (“fed” by Philips Power Supply) which provides beautiful light and generates 20% more lumen output compared to ordinary edge lit led panels.

The new led panels feature two tonalities of light: natural white and cool white. This is a new technology providing Dual Colour output that is selectable by switch. Led light panels are very popular right now because they are affordable for homes and offices, and once they are installed, you or your business will benefit, as they are an efficient and powerful source for energy savings.

This type of recessed LED Panels are very easy to install, since you can place them in the ceiling directly and in a straight forward manner. The panels have AC connector, so you won’t need any additional tools for the electrical installation. We have also connected the lights to a microwave sensor (occupancy sensor) for an additional energy saving.

The energy consumption was reduced from 100W per lighting point (for the old lights) to 40W per lighting point (new led panels with Philips power supply), which makes the entire site 60% more efficient.

Thanks to our team of electricians who did a brilliant job installing these led panels, we have managed to create a nice and friendly office environment.

Description of the project in figures

Recessed LED Panels Lights: 120 lighting-points;

LED Down-Lights 25Watt: 18 lighting-points;

Emergency Lights: 22 lighting-points;

Microwave Occupancy Sensor: 44 pieces.




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LED Panel Lights 40Watt in Offices
LED Recessed Down Light 22watt Dimmable.
Recessed LED Downlight Dimmable

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