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P&O Ferries Prefer Voltacon LED Lights for Cruise-ships and Ferries

Voltacon are proud to announce that renowned passenger shipping line P&O Cruises have selected to use our LED lights onboard their cruise-ships and ferries.

With immediate effect, Voltacon will supply LED lamps and tubes to ships across P&O’s broad roster of vessels, with a view to dramatically reducing the cost of operating the ships and shrinking P&O’s overall carbon footprint. The lamps and tubes that we supply have been rigorously tested to ensure safety and reliability at see, and have been approved for use in maritime operations by the MOD.

Voltacon will also handle the installation work, which will see PL LED lamps and T8 tubes fitted to a range of areas throughout the ships. Once fitted, the lamps and tubes will illuminate deck car parks, restaurants and dining areas, corridors, sitting areas and refrigerated compartments, amongst others areas onboard.

P&O will be using our LED lights on their various vessels operating between Northern Ireland and Scotland, the Republic of Ireland and England, as well on as their routes between England and France, Belgium and Holland. P&O began providing passenger ferry services to the British Isles almost two centuries ago, and have grown to become the biggest name in the market, boasting the largest fleet of ships and providing an impressive array of entertainment, dining and other services to its users.

But it’s not just the organisation that is impressive; P&O’s ferries are remarkable feats of design and engineering in their own right, and this is reflected in the complexity of the company-wide project. Installing LED lighting across the eight ships in the P&O fleet – with a combined gross tonnage of over 708,000 – is a big job, and as it is vital that each ship remains operational during installation, it is estimated that the project will take two years to reach completion.

In order to reduce disruption and expense over the course of the supply and installation project

, Voltacon will retrofit LED lamps and bulbs into the existing fixtures. This also serves another incredibly important purpose; it will make the vessels greener and more ecologically viable to run.

This is part of the core ethos of the Voltacon organisation. We strive to supply our clients with the most effective LED lighting products, which will save our clients a significant amount of money on energy and running costs, and also have an overwhelmingly positive effect on the environment and on our planet as a whole.

By switching to our specially designed LED tubes, P&O will be able to achieve the optimum efficiency for all of their vessels and continue delivering a great service to the hundreds of thousands of people that use their ships each year. 

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P&O Ferries lit by VOLTACON LED Lights
P&O Ferries lit by VOLTACON LED Lights

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