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Orchard Care Homes Switch to LED Lights

 Orchard Care Homes go green with LED Down Lights and Microwave Sensors

Orchard Care Homes, accommodating the elderly and some dementia patients, was looking for the kind of modern lighting system that would satisfy the specific demands of the residents. The lighting had to offer warm, white lights with a high colour rendering index.  The system needed to provide a lighting solution that created a calm and pleasant ambiance.  Orchard Care Homes were also looking for environmentally friendly, efficient and effective lighting solutions.

Great care was taken to find the right quality lighting that would offer the best illumination for the residents. The residents needed an even, consistent light that would not throw shadows causing agitation and confusion.  Quality lighting is a vital component of friendly old age and dementia care facilities.  The right lighting system gives the elderly the extra lighting they need with minimised glare and sudden light changes.  Research shows that increased illumination improves mood behaviour and sleep patterns in the elderly.  Careful attention needs to be given to night time lighting too.

Orchard Care Homes were extremely happy with the solution to their lighting problems supplied by Ledison-LED- Lights.  The highly efficient LED lights are long lasting and environmentally friendly.  They were just the right quality upmarket product required.  Ledison LED Lights supplied LED round panels with emergency battery packs and microwave sensors.  The lighting was installed in the ceiling to create the right residential environment for the needs of the care facility.  The round panels, situated in the ceiling, have microwave sensors and a three level dimming system.  The indirect lighting concealed in the ceiling, with the additional dimmer aspect, allowed the residents to have quality lighting in the daytime and at night.  Lighting via the ceiling installation gave the best quality overall light and was especially effective in the corridors. 


Picture 1. Emergency driver with NI-CD Battery and Dimmable LED Driver. The DC output voltage controls an 18W LED round panel light (6 inch).

Orchard Care Homes were conscious of selecting the right lighting to increase sleep quality and decrease depression and agitation.  These are known symptoms of dementia experienced by some of their elderly residents. Every effort was made to increase the well- being of the residents via a top rated lighting system. The Housing Association of the Care Homes was extremely satisfied with the outcome of the installation and efficient LED lights that contributed to a saving of over 80% of their electricity costs.  Orchard Care Homes was delighted with the warm and pleasant ambiance created by the simple installation of the correct LED lighting system supplied by Ledison LED lights.

All the led lights are warm white (3000K) with 90 color rendering index, this light sprectrum is ideal for hospitality applications.

Ledison supplied

  1. LED round panels 18W 8inch, 3000K, dimmable
  2. Emergency backs, NED/3 4Ah in galvanised enclosure
  3. LEDON LED Lamps
  4. LED Bulkheads with microwave sensor (service area and storage)

/media/projects/library/orchard-care-home-led-lighting-project-round-panels-1.jpg         /media/projects/library/orchard-care-home-led-lighting-project-round-panels-2.jpg

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