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Ledison LED Lights Achieve Continuous Operation for Over 4 Years

 Belgrade Plaza Parking Coventry

Back in 2012, the owners of Coventry’s Belgrade Plaza dining, entertainment, hotel and accommodation complex came to us with a conundrum. The plaza’s award-winning car park is in use around the clock, and so it requires a lighting system which is able to handle 24 hour operation, seven days a week.

Ledison rose to the challenge and installed new LED tubes and bulbs on all nine floors of the car park structure, upgrading and improving the existing system. Now, we have an update on the Belgrade Car Park story.

We are proud to announce that the lighting we installed has been in continuous operation for four consecutive years, and is still going strong as of July 2016. During this time period only 3 of our LED tubes failed across the whole structure, which is a testament to the reliability and robustness of Voltacon’s lighting tubes as well as to Ledison’s services. The tubes are running for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year since 2012 - and out of the 1324 installed tubes, only 3 failed, which accounts for 0.2% fail rate.

In addition to this impressive longevity, the lights also exceeded the car park owners’ expectations in a number of areas. Not only did the newly installed tubes increase the level of light within the car park by an impressive 30%, the entire project also proved incredibly cost-effective. A remarkably low failure rate for the LED tubes was instrumental in keeping costs down, as was our success in retrofitting LED tubes into the car park’s existing luminaires.

This represents Ledison’s commitment to saving our clients a great deal of money on their lighting solutions, as well to reducing the carbon footprints of our clients’ organizations. By retrofitting the lights into the existing system, we were able to markedly reduce the waste associated with the project and re-use workable light fittings that would have otherwise been sent to a landfill.

The new tubes installed as part of the project provided a dramatic boost to the efficiency of the lighting in the Belgrade Car Park. After the first phase of installation, the LED tubes reduced power consumption from 58W to 22W per luminaire, translating to savings of 65%. For the installed PL G24 LED bulbs, the reductions were even more impressive, resulting in savings of 75% for the company.

The annual energy consumption of the car park’s lighting system before the beginning of the project was over 153,000kWh per year. After our work was completed, this was trimmed to a much greener – and far less expensive – 55,180kWh per year. These savings ensured that the project had paid for itself within 12 months.

We’d like to thank the owners of the Belgrade Car Park for choosing us to supply and install their upgraded light-fittings, and wish them many happy future years of continuous operation! 

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