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BAE Systems - Naval

Case Study

Lighting – Ministry of Defence, Royal Navy and Cruise Ships.

9000 LED Tubes T5 and T8 for a Defence Warship. (Portsmouth, UK)
This is an ongoing project with the over 15,000 LED Tubes. Voltacon will supply LED lights
to Type 45, Type 23 Destroyers and Air Craft Carriers.

The Ministry of Defence was in need of the best quality, tough, energised and efficient lighting for the Royal Navy and their cruise ships.  The lighting had to fulfil the strict quality and specifications of the destroyers and other specialised ships.  Diverse areas of lighting were going to need quality lighting to suit the ship’s requirements above and below the decks.

Efficiency is a priority for lighting a military cruise ship. There are limitations in terms of spaces for applying the right concealed fittings.  Added to that, a cruise ship must be able to have resistance to salt water and weather changes.  Many of the lights had to be installed in small spaces.  The specifications had to take into account that there were diverse functions to cover in the different areas of the ship.  There were cabins, control rooms, recreational facilities, catering and cold rooms, and engine rooms too.  All these areas had to be covered with strict compliance to safety measures.

The task of providing the right lighting also required special expertise to ensure the lighting was cost effective and the energy source could be generated from within the ship. Heat management on board the ship is an aspect of lighting that is a priority and so lights that do not generate too much heat and consume too much power are sought after.  A system that requires less maintenance, less power and produces less heat is ideal.  Ledison/Voltacon was able to supply lighting that fitted all the requirements and complied with the military needs of six destroyers.

Ledison/Voltacon is the approved supplier to the Ministry of Defence, and known for the best quality lights.  They installed over 9,000 LED lights in every part of the ships. The lighting supplied from the cabins to control rooms increased safety and comfort. The requirements of lower maintenance, long life service and excellent weather resistance were controlled by the LED lights.  These lights generate less heat and were therefore less of a burden on the ship’s cooling systems.

A digital dimmer, with DALI driver, capable of managing large lighting systems was installed.  Digital lighting systems allow the effective functions of lighting to be controlled in different rooms. Automatic dimming switching systems can be programmed and reprogrammed with a maximised service life.  The lighting system installed by Ledison/Voltacon has enabled the Ministry of Defence to supply energy efficient and diverse lighting to enhance living conditions on board their ships.


LED Tubes For Naval

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