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Allseas Heavy Lift Vessels Retrofit LED T8 Tubes

Supply of LED Lights to Allseas, Heavy Lift Offshore Contractors

Allseas, the multi-national company that owns a versatile fleet of vessels and operates(lifts, installs, removes) enormous offshore structures and subsea pipelines has now approached Voltacon in a new cooperation.

The Allseas Group

Allseas are global leaders in offshore pipeline installation and subsea construction. Their game-changing vessels are designed and built in-house for the single lift installation and removal of large oil and gas platforms in deep waters.

The fleet is responsible for the successful interconnection of continents and providing countries around the world with the energy they need to thrive.

The Allseas fleet of state-of-the art vessels includes:

  • Pioneering SpiritThe bigest construction vessel in the world
  • Solitaire – manufactured for massive deepwater pipelines
  • Audacia – exceptional for unconventional structures
  • Lorelay – with a huge storage capacity and high transit speed
  • Tog Mor – a shallow water pipelay barge
  • Calamity Jane – a trenching Vessel.

The Challenge for Voltacon

Any offshore application for the vessels is expensive and might raise logistical issues. Supplying, repairing and replacing lights might be complicated and other factors like, the harshness of the environment, the salty humidity of the air or extreme temperatures must be taken into account.

Customise Solution for Customer's Success

Voltacon designed and manufactured a very reliable LED Tube compatible with 230V and 110V AC voltage (50Hz/60Hz) and with a life expectancy of over 50,000h.

Allseas will reduce/eliminate the maintenance costs of lighting on their vessels and the need to keep spare parts as Voltacon’s LED Lights failure rate is minimum (0.4 percent of the lights will fail in the next 10years).

Voltacon has also installed cutting edge remote battery backup to replace the emergency lights systems. Now, 30% of the light fittings are equipped with lithium batteries increasing their life expectancy by 10-12years.

Voltacon supplied four of Allseas largest vessels with LED lights in 2017 and by the end of 2018 the entire fleet will be lit by Voltacon LED Lights. The estimated quantity of single light fittings will exceed the 10,000 pieces. 

Allseas have installed approximately 20,000km of subsea pipeline to date and Voltacon is proud to play the part in the success of the company and the future of international oil and gas industries.

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Audacia allseas heavy lift vessel LED Lights
ALLSEAS Solitaire Installation of LED T8 LIGHTS
CALAMITY Ship Heavy Pipe Layer
TOM GOR  Vessel with led t8 strip lights

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