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eKomi rated
Integrated Motion Sensor LED Driver HEC8025

Integrated Motion Sensor LED Driver HEC8025

Ref: HEC8025


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Sensor and driver 2 in 1, on-off control, multi-current selections

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HYTRONIK HEC8025. Microwave sensor with built in driver

We fitted under one sturdy casing a sensor with an LED driver than can power and control LED Arrays and light fittings up to 25Watt. The detachable antenna can be located in the right position for better and more accurate dection. 

The LED power supply operates in constant current mode, the Amp rating is adjusted using the on board dip-swicthes.  The following ratings can be selected :

3.5~21W(350mA) 5~21W(500mA) 5.5~22W(550mA) 7~25W(700mA) 5.5~25W(750mA) 9~25W(900mA).

Special Features of the sensor/driver

  • Ambient daylight threshold
  • 8 hours manual on mode
  • 2 Steps Control (Corridor Function)
  • LED current selection
  • LED max. load and voltage

Mechanical Dimensions

With a really slim and compact shape of 119 x 53 x26mm, the sensor/driver can be used in most light fixture and LED fittings. 


Specifications Table - HEC8025 - HYTRONIK

Technical Data  
Operating voltage : 220~240V
Input current: 140~150mA
Input power: 31W (Max)
Warm time: 20s
Detection area: 10/50/75/100%, can be customized
Hold time: 5s/30s/1min/5min/10min/20min/30min, can be customized
Daylight threshold: 2lux/10lux/50lux /disable, can be customized
Standby period: 0s/10s/1min/5min/10min/30min/1h/+∞ can be customized
Standby dimming level: 10%/20%/30%/50% can be customized
Microwave frequency: 5.8GHz+/-75MHz
Microwave power: <0.2mW
Detection range: Max. (ØxH): 12m x 6m
Detection angle: 30 ° ~150 °
Mounting height: Max. 6m
Output LED current: 350mA/500mA/550mA/700mA/750mA/900mA

Output LED voltage:


10~43V(350mA) 10~42V(500mA) 10~40V(550mA) 10~36V(700mA)

10~34V(750mA) 10~28V(900mA)

Output LED power:


3.5~21W(350mA) 5~21W(500mA) 5.5~22W(550mA) 7~25W(700mA)

5.5~25W(750mA) 9~25W(900mA)

Empty load voltage: 75V
Power factor: ≥0.96
Efficiency: 85% (Max)
Operating temperature: -20 °C ~ +50 °C   TC:75 °C
Abnormal protection: Output short-circuit protection with auto-reset
EMC standard: EN55015 EN61547
Safety standard: EN61347-1 EN61347-2-13
Certification: Semko, EMC, CE, R&TTE
Dielectric strength: Input→output:3750VAC /5mA/1min
IP rating: IP20




Technical Manual

Microwave Sensor HEC8024 with LED Driver

Instruction-manual-for-HEC8025 Sensor Driver


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