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eKomi rated

Gimbal Twin fixture AR111 housing without lamp

Ref: AR111GL2W


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AR111 Vega adjustable gimbal for Two LED G53 & GU10 Spot

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VEGA Gimbal 2 AR111 LED

The AR111 Square Gimbal kit is made with a dual ring "gimbal" system for rotating horizontally and vertically up to 180 degrees. The VEGA trim is made of aluminum and steel housing. It has a very sturdy and flexible structure that makes it number one solution for accent lighting in shops, restaurants and showrooms. 


The AR111 Square Gimbal Housing Kit will accomodate  the AR111 LED 12V and AR111 LED 230V in dimmable and non-dimmable versions . This housing is drop-in replacements for old fashioned AR111 Halogen bulbs. 

Dimensions: 342mm x 192mm. Cut Out : 310 x160mm. Height 165mm


  • The gimbals allow free rotation in 2 axis.
  • Standard Square shape for easier installation
  • Compatible with high efficiency Vega AR111 LED
  • IP20 rated for safe installation in hospitality and retail sectors.
  • You can read our installation guide, it is easy and quick to install one of this. 

 Mechanical Dimensions



Specification Table


Single fixture (for 1 lamp)

Double fixture (for 2 lamps)
Part No. AR111GL1W AR111GL2W
External Dimensions 190mm(L) x 190mm(W) x 165mm(H) 342mm(L) x 192mm(W) x 165mm(H)
Fixture Hole 160mm x 160mm 310mm x 160mm
Compatible With GL-AR111 series
Materials/ Color Aluminum trim with steel housing
Net Weight 470 g 860 g
Packing 16 PCS / carton 12 PCS / carton

Technical Manual

AR111 Gimbal housing installation instructions

AR111 LED Gimbal installation instructions



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