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eKomi rated
DALI Converter

DALI Dimmable Driver DA02-Converter. GLACIAL POWER

Ref: DA02


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Converts a DALI signal to 1-10V output. Suitable for constant current drivers

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DALI Converter. Controls up to 6 DIMMABLE LED Fittings. 

The DALI DA02 converter is simple and cost effective solution to transform a DALI signal to 1-10V. The 1-10V is compatible with 3 in to 1 dimmable LED driver (widely available in the LED ligthing market). The following diagram illustrates how to install the DALI converter in various applications with LED panels, downlighters and T8 / T5 LED tubes. 

Please email or call us to order DALI compatible LED lights (Tubes, Panels, PL, etc)

 DALI Controller/Converter Configuration

Ledison's DALI Interface Convertor is compatibility IEC62386 (102, 206) compliant. Taking a digital DALI signal, it can output either PWM, 0-10V DC, or 1-10V DC signals and is suitable for controlling 3-in-1 (DC/PWM/Resistor) LED drivers. Dimming can be set on a linear or logarithmic curve. With a built-in relay, devices down the line can be turned off completely, giving complete lighting control and reducing energy costs.

As an indoor digital lighting control system, the LDN-DA02 converter is well suited for applications including office buildings, conference rooms, factories, and intelligent home lighting.

What is a DALI Converter ?

This device converter a digital dali signal to analogue 1-10V signal that can be used by the most constant current and constant voltage LED Drivers. 

digital lighting control system1


- Compatibility with DALI standard (IEC62386 Part 102 & Part 206)

- DALI signal is polarity insensitive

- Screw-less connector, easy to install

- Selectable dimming output : PWM-10V / DC 0-10V / DC 1-10V

- Selectable dimming curve: logarithm or linear

- Build-in Relay to turn ON/OFF driver completely

- 5 year warranty



Electrical Specifications of DALI Converter

Electrical Specification MIN. TYP. MAX.
Input Voltage (VAC) 90   290
Power Consumption (W)   1.6 3
DALI Bus Current Consumption (mA)     2
Suitable Electric Wire (AWG) 22   16
PWM Frequency(Hz)   500  
PWM High Level Voltage (VDC) 9.5 10 10.5
PWM Low Level Voltage (VDC)   0  
PWM Output current sourcing (mA) -60   60
DC 0/1-10V output accuracy   ± 3%  
DC Output current sourcing (mA) -5   60
Other Functional Description
Compatibility DALI Standard IEC 62386 (Part 102 & Part 206)
DALI Input reversed protection Yes
Number of output channel 1
Output channel short protection Yes
Weight 100g ±10%
Dimensions (L×W×H) 150×40×28 mm
Operating Temperature Range -20~+40°C
Relay Switch (1 channel ) 2A / Max inrush current 70A


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